Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Controlling Self-Critic and Building the Positive

At any time, without any conscious effort on our part, the body and mind are full of activity. Put constant bombarding us from nerves, sensory organs and mind of our own. Fortunately most of these occur at some level beyond our awareness. Studies on consciousness (See: User illusion by Norretranders) tells us that when we try to do things consciously, this process is very slow, because we interfere with nature and our innate capacity to complete the task. But we do interfere. We want to control with a capital C. Lost confidence in this process.

How do we lose the ability to respect both the instincts and the ability to learn at the same time?

In our education system, analytical skills / critical encouraged as a way to "prove" what we know. Part of the brain loves it; another part love instead see all the building blocks. We need both. However, an important part has reached a state of bully-hood. Along with that has come a lot of vocabulary right vs. wrong, should and should and need to criticize yourself so others know that we know we are not perfect.

Thus began the first seeds of doubt, lack of confidence and self-criticism.

As we continue along this journey and increasing inner conversation, critical elements to grow well.

It did not take long before we were enveloped in clouds of our own making.

Next we take our self-critics.

In extreme cases there is a block that makes it difficult to communicate because we need to protect our "interests". We can not get out, and no one else could enter Open to new information? New learning? New experiences? Hmmmm. Difficult.

That is quite a heavy load!

OK, OK, Enough! How can we change this dilemma?

First start by just being still 30 seconds will do to start.

Place hands on each thigh, felt flat on the floor, still not really moving or twitching. This may be a strange feeling for you, but your body and mind will love it. You can do this as many days as you want. It works wonders when you do it before you start challenging task, practice, exercise, or performance.

It's okay to just let the thoughts come and go as they please. There is no need for conversation with one mind. When you stay neutral to the thoughts, they will not affect your country.

Start with three meals a day for 30 seconds. It's easy to do without drawing attention to yourself. It can be sedating your secret no matter where you are. To repeat ... it was nice to do in the meeting, before an important phone call, presentation or show anything.

Once you have yourself in a better state then that your communication with others can be changed as well. More useful and positive you are, the better the response of the people around you. You can change it and the atmosphere in any room just by being in a better state itself. Even thinking positive thoughts for others to build bridges of communication. Every thought you send to someone considered both at the conscious or unconscious. So be careful what you send to others. All thoughts count. The friendly, the better.

Positive Thinking Bridge

Note: This is worth doing even when you do not feel like it.

Dilemma that we face today is such that we need each other more than ever. The idea of ​​survival of the fittest is giving way to collaboration and sharing at the group level. To assist the generation we live in a time of change and uncertainty, we all need to help our "neighbors" in every way-even if it's just a thought that is sent. Every thought and every action is important.

Now enjoy space inside and out. When the self-critic wants to talk, just play music.